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We believe we are called not just to worship our Creator, but also to serve by

helping our neighbors, whomever they are.  We welcome all to join us.

These are some of the organizations we support.

Click on their logos for more information.

Our parishioners offer their time, talent and resources to help this important, interfaith ministry.

Our monthly Community Suppers offer food and fellowship to our neighbors and friends in the Deerfield Valley.  We offer food and fellowship, regardless of who you are.  

Pastoral Care

The SMM Pastoral Care Team provides emotional and spiritual support for members of our community in their pain, loss and anxiety, and their triumphs, joys and victories.

Musical Outreach
Musical members of our Parish visit our neighbors in assisted living, senior, long-term care, and other facilities, offering programs of music to entertain, uplift, and enrich.  If you are interested, please contact our musicians at

Groups Using Our Building

Taking Steps

Bone BuildersEach Mon, and Weds, 9:30-10:30 a.m.  A weight training exercise program documented to prevent and reverse osteoporossis, improve baland and enhance energy and well-being.  Classes with instructors are free, and weights can be provided.

Taking Steps Brattleboro:  Every first Monday of the month, from 10:45 to noon, Rhondy Gleason and Edie Maas offer free advance care planning, a process of creating a written health care plan/advanced directive to tell others your wishes when you can't do so yourself.  Volunteers help you think about and plan ahead for emergencies and end-of-life situations, and can work with you to address these vital tasks.  

Other Organizations We Support


WIC Clinic.  



Twice Blessed Giving Trees

Project Graduation

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