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The Church, by its very nature as the body of Christ, calls its members to become healing communities. 

The SMM Pastoral Care Team provides emotional and spiritual support for members of our community in their pain, loss and anxiety, and their triumphs, joys and victories.  There are many facets of pastoral care at St. Mary's in the Mountains, providing food, transportation, prayers and cards to members of our community in need.  Everyone is involved with pastoral care at some level; there are, however, some people with more extensive training who are called on to determine a course of action and/or make determinations in cases which are more complex.  

The SMM Healing Team offers prayers and learning opportunities for members of our community to experience the wholeness and happiness God wishes for us.  Our team is made up of persons who are called to listen, pray, and anoint someone who is burdened.  They communicate the mystery of God’s love in all situations.

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